52ND RELC INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, 2017 Dimensions of Language Education: Policy, Perspectives, Practice

Mar/13 00:00 - Mar/15 00:00
Monday, March 13, 2017 - 03:30 to Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 03:30


Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization
Regional Language CentreCentre of Choice
Dimensions of Language Education: Policy, Perspectives, Practice

In this modern era of rapid technological development and global competitiveness, change is the one constant factor affecting all dimensions of education, including language education. With English as the global language, education systems across Asia and worldwide have been making constant changes to ensure that their language planning and policies are in tune with the times. It is important that the teaching and learning of English in and beyond the classroom are keeping up with current trends in pedagogy and assessment.

As language education is multidimensional, this conference aims to bring into focus the dimensions of language planning and policy alongside current perspectives and practice in curriculum design, materials development, language pedagogy and assessment.

The organizers invite submissions of papers and workshops that approach the conference theme from any of the three P strands or dimensions:

Planning and Policy in language education
Perspectives in language teaching and learning
Practice in pedagogy and assessment

The 52nd RELC International Conference has the following Aims
- To provide policymakers, practitioners and language professionals with a forum for sharing current research and practices on language education policy, curriculum design and implementation.
- To engage in discussion on new initiatives in translating language education policy into curricula, materials development and actual classroom practice.
- To share innovations and creative pedagogies in language education.
- To consider various modes and modalities of authentic assessments .
- To discuss implications for language teacher education.

Topic Areas
- Language education planning and policy
- Current perspectives in language teaching methodology and strategies
- Best practices in embracing creativity in language education and curriculum design
- Technological and pedagogical innovations in language education
- Dimensions of culture and society in language education
- Innovations and new pathways in language education
- Authentic assessment
- Teachers’ beliefs and attitudes
- Teacher empowerment in language planning and implementation
- Current perspectives and practice in language teacher education

A few of the invited speakers are: Prof. Brian Tomlinson, Prof. Wildly Renandya, Prof. Kathleen Graves, ...

Thursday, September 15, 2016

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