Delta (Module One)

Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching

Delta (Module One)

What you will learn about in Module One
This module focuses on extending and developing candidates’ knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning English in a range of contexts.

The table below gives a brief summary of the content. See the Delta syllabus for full details.

Topics Content
1. Theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language teaching
  • Historical and current theories of first and second language acquisition
  • How these theories influence teaching methodologies.
2. Different teaching approaches and methodologies, including current developments
  • Teaching methodologies, both mainstream and experimental
  • The effectiveness of these methodologies in different learning environments.
3. Language systems and learners’ linguistic problems
  • Features of language systems (e.g. meaning, form, pronunciation and use)
  • Teaching methodology choices in language systems.
4. Language skills and learners’ problems
  • Features of language skills (e.g. the subskills and strategies needed by learners)
  • Teaching methodology choices in language skills.
5. Knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources for language learning
  • The practical uses of a range of resources in a range of teaching contexts.
6. Key assessment concepts and terminology
  • How to apply key assessment principles, such as validity and reliability, to classroom-based assessment.


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