Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching

Diane Larsen-Freeman discusses the newly-released 3rd edition of the influential teacher development title Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching, published by Oxford University Press. This classic guide has been an essential resource to new and experienced teachers worldwide, and Professor Larsen-Freeman describes the need to consider a range of methods in language teaching, and how methods continue to evolve

Flipped Classroom

This short video briefly displays flipped classes and how different they are with the traditional teacher-fronted classrooms.

Two in five people think they would be a good teacher but low pay and workload deters them, unions say

Nearly half of us believe we would make a good teacher, a survey has found – but many of those interested in taking up the profession are just not entering classrooms.

A “crushing” workload, low pay and “attacks on professionalism” are behind the low uptake, unions have said.